With so many international carriers offering a service to Faro Airport, it can be the best place to start your journey into Portugal. It is a large and modern airport with all the amenities that you can imagine.

In the 2000s, there was a massive revitalisation campaign that focused on public infrastructure. The roads got upgraded, public transportation came on line with all the modern perks you would expect, and getting around Portugal by car has gotten to be so delightful that many people come for a car holiday so they can see everything they want. There are 4 main ways of getting around that you can access from the airport.


Car hire:

Given all the changes that have occurred with the infrastructure of Portugal, many people are surprised to find that choosing a Faro car hire can be the best way to go. It is not that expensive and gives you the most flexibility with your itinerary. You also don’t have to worry about timing schedules with national transportation to make sure you get to the airport on-time. The real advantage to having a car rental is the location of Faro airport to the A22

The A22 advantage:

During the revitalisation of the infrastructure many of the main highways were upgraded and built, no highway was more important than A22. The A22 runs along the south coastline of Portugal and Faro Airport picks it up right in the centre. Within a few hours you can drive to Lagos or Ayamonte. Pick up the A2 and you are off exploring the inland. Wherever you go, it is easy to centre yourself on the A-roads. You will see more beaches, cities, nature and towns than any other way if you choose to hire a car and let the roads guide your stay. You won’t be competing with the Proximo, they are centred more in urban areas although there are crowded buses that connect the cities too.



Proximo is the public bus system that serves Faro Airport, and most of lower Portugal. It is a steady way to go, but if you are on holiday it may not be the best idea for you. The schedule can sometimes not work with your itinerary and it can be crowded. The good news is that if you are in Faro and just want to take a short jaunt to the market, it can be a great way to see more of the city.

Comboios de Portugal:

Comboios de Portugal in the national rail system. It does not serve Faro Airport directly. It can be a good option for a day trip along the coast and into the interior so you can just relax and enjoy the sights. Comboios de Portugal also reaches beyond the borders and can be an efficient way to travel into Spain as well.